Friday, January 23, 2009

Finding your perfect gem stone

Finding your perfect gem stone or crystal in relation to your astrological Sun Sign, for love, luck, success or protection.

So I'll begin with Aquarius, our Sun Sign.

I suppose most of you are used to Amethyst, or for January Aquarians, maybe Aquamarine or Garnet. Garnets are grounding, so of course they are great for us. Especially if we have more air in our charts. Like me for instance, I could use a bushel full. Yes, I have seven planets in Air. Scary, huh? Fluorite will be great for the higher mind and working around computers. Most Aquarians love electronics. Fluorite is very good for us. Try meditating with Sugilite, Carnelian, or holding a pair of Boji stones. Unconventional, but perfect for us. Carry Aventurine for luck this year. Wear Rhodochrosite to attract love. For business and attracting money Malachite will be the best for Aquarians.

Pisces, Aquamarine will protect and lift your energy level. Sodalite will keep your third eye open. A Lingam, temple stone, will be powerful in your meditations and prayers. Keep one close. This summer protect yourself with Kyanite, Citrine, or Black Tourmaline. With all the energy coming, sensitive Pisces people will need to protect themselves. You will feel so much, and that's okay; for everything is in divine order, even when it seems out of order. Love will always prevail. You will feel lucky wearing a Malachite or Green Tourmaline pendent or ring. Or just carry a piece.

Fiery Aries, you will draw love with a Rose Quartz and Garnet combination. And so will the other fiery signs (Leo and Sagittarius). It will be good to carry or wear Tiger Eye to attract money. This year you will need very little help in business, but it never hurts to visualize success. Nobody can stop an Aries when your mind is made up. Stay calm with Moonstone.

Wonderful Taurus. I have never met a Taurus that didn't love Amethyst. Creative people just love purple. Wear, carry, bathe with, and even sleep with Amethyst this year. Green Jade will attract love; and for success and attracting money wear a Green Tourmaline. You will love the results!

Fun loving Gemini, you should wear Pink Tourmaline for love this year. How do I know? Quit thinking so much, and just feel a Pink Tourmaline - you will love it! You will be grounded and in focus if you carry or wear Agate. Try putting a Carnelian in the four corners of your bed for incredible spiritual insights and powerful dreams. These words are just flowing - Gemini, I know you understand. For luck, try a Green Jasper.

Cancer, you and Pisces need a protective stone. Sapphire or Citrine would work fine. All the signs, all of us, will feel the intensity of the energy coming. Protection is vital for us all. Cancer's love stones are Rose Quartz, Ruby Crystal and Pink Kunzite. Buy fresh blue berries and eat them once a week, or wear a Lapis Lazuli close to your throat; either will open your third eye or keep it open. Kunzite will bring harmony as well as love.

Dramatic Leo, Oh how loved you are. A power pendant will help you shine. Not that you need help, but enhance your energy with Moldavite and Herkimer Diamond. Or try a large Polish Zincite pendant. These powerful stones will work well with you. Find a crystal ball for gazing and relaxation. A Quartz cluster will bring harmony into your home. Attract love with a Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz combo.

Spring clean, Virgo, and I don't mean your house. Drink a lot of water and wear a Clear Quartz or Rutilated Quartz for clarity. If your stomach feels uncomfortable, wear a Yellow Citrine on a long cord or chain. It will release fear, anger, or any accumulated resentment. You are too smart, Virgo. Words to try... Feel, Feel, Feel. Use intuition to pick your stone for love. A lucky stone for you is a Meteorite. The energy will feel very familiar to you.

Libra, yes, you are beautiful and handsome when you are in balance. Get rid of those frown lines with a Malachite. Love comes to you, but a Green Tourmaline or Kunzite is helpful. Sit quietly with Rose Quartz in one hand and Malachite in the other. Find your center, Libra. You and your loved ones will be happy you did. For luck this year, carry Aventurine or Citrine. A Garnet will be grounding, and Clear Quartz will keep your mind clear. Having trouble making up your mind? Carry or put a Purple Fluorite next to your bed. Most of all, Libra, keep smiling with a happy Herkimer Diamond or Sugilite.

Scorpio, you don't need help with opening your third eye, but it never hurts to stay open and in balance with Azurite-Malachite. Very important, especially if you have Libra rising. For protection use Citrine. It will help you not to push emotions down to your Solar plexus. Try wearing Aqua Aura or Sodalite to help express those deep emotions. For attracting love, wear or carry Rhodochrosite or Kunzite.

Sagittarius, if you feel like travel this year, carry Moonstone with you. Your love stone is Ruby or Ruby Crystal. If you wear it, wear it over your heart chakra. Keep plenty of Clear Quartz around for clear thinking and energy. Your lucky stone is Citrine. Its okay if it is not natural (imitations are made by heating Amethyst), as the color yellow will bring you luck. Orange Calcite will give you very spiritual meditations.

Capricorns will enjoy success with a Blood Stone pendant, or carrying one will also be positive. It will give you the courage to take a few risks. For health, your birthstone, Garnet will be effective. Hold a Clear Quartz in your left hand and visualize what you want - love, money, whatever your heart's desire. Write if you feel the need, and have a Sodalite on your left or wear one while writing. May all your dreams come true, Capricorn.

Twelve Crystals for Love

"A Master Healer". Amethyst purifies and transmutes negative energy and improper karmic patterns into a spirit of cooperation. Provides protection and balance during major personal transitions. Reduces feelings of being victimized by others. Opens the Heart and Crown Chakras. Helps to heal losses (personal friends, socio-economic). Supports all aspects of spiritual growth with peace and calm to fulfill one's mission on Earth.

"The Fearless Stone". Aquamarine strengthens one's resolve to take command and to not feel life is without purpose. Very protective emotionally. Helps you remain centered through complex issues. Excellent for dispelling fear originating from one's weaknesses.

"A Stone of Courage". Bloodstone dispels discouragement and fear. Gives strength and endurance to withstand endless difficulties. Reduces stress and anxiety. Clears blockages and focuses scattered thoughts. Revitalizes and encourages unselfishness in relationships.

"The Self-Esteem Stone". Carnelian (Cornelian) eliminates feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth. Good for recovery after rejection. Transmutes sadness into the initiative to do something positive about the problem. Encourages enthusiasm. Good for giving vibrancy to one's sexuality too.

The "Prosperity Stone". Emerald (Green Beryl) softens arrogance, promotes organizational abilities. Good for busy family types to promote harmony and domestic loyalty. Allows you to dispel negativity and to hold on to what is practical. Cools the heart and promotes divine love and peace.

"A Master Healer". Gold symbolizes the purity of spirit. Activates one's highest potential. Promotes inner beauty and energy. Purifies negative energy. Lessens the traumatic experiences of one's learning of lessons. Helps eliminate feelings of inferiority, depression, anger, and the sense of overwhelming responsibilities.

"A Stone of Fidelity". Jade (Jadeite) is soothing for the emotions. Helps keep the peace in community and family relations. Improves self-worth, self-sufficiency. Promotes peace, harmony and tranquility through emotional detachment. Excellent for recovery after an unpleasant experience (surgery, divorce, funerals, etc.).

"The Emotional Support Stone". Hematite protects the Heart that loves. Protects against "wounding". Reflects back negativity and reduces stress to the whole body. Helps ground love energy so it doesn't fly away when challenged. Excellent for blood circulation and helps reduce leg and back pain. Also known as "The Stress Stone".

"A Consciousness Elevator". Kunzite opens the Emotional Heart to the highest level. Relieves emotional distress (this gemstone has a high lithium content). Provides peace, dissolves negativity and stimulates sensuality. Dispels loneliness and allows you to surrender rather than resist. Excellent for physical heart problems (also see Malachite).

A "Stone of Transformation". Malachite clears the heart of negative experiences by unblocking and absorbing the energies. Allows you to stay tolerant, loyal and practical. Helps dispel fear, and helps you break-free of self-denial and old love patterns. Promotes being reasonable in relationships. An excellent preventative stone for heart disease too.

Rose Quartz
The "Love Stone". Rose Quartz builds confidence through self-love. Excellent for abandoned, victimized types. Shows you the power of your emotions and of the ability of Love to "conquer all". Brings softness to hardened hearts. Brings beauty to dissolve negative emotional states (gloom, despondency, possessiveness, etc.). Turns a distrusting heart to trusting that "love will prevail". Promotes harmonious relationships. Restores calm after major upheaval, chaos, traumas, crisis. Gives love to the wearer who might otherwise have trouble giving love to themselves or to others.

"A Stone of Love and Endurance". Ruby (Red Corundum) purifies love and promotes idealized love. Dispels disoriented, trapped love energy. Promotes the focus, selection and attainment of love objectives (health, happiness, wealth, spiritual knowledge). Encourages bliss and enhances the dream state. Protects from unnecessary suffering in love.

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